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Triangular Corner
Model: CB10
Quick Facts:
Triangular Corner 20"x20"x38", curved anodized aluminum profile, 2 adjustable glass shelves, 2 sliding glass doors w/lock included, 6" black base w/levellers. read more
Terms:F.O.B Warehouse
Price: $367.20
Color Aluminum Profile
Black Profile (+ $10.00)
Toll free Number: 1-877-452-7182
Deluxe Triangular Corner Showcase 20"x20"x38"H, also called triangular corner display case or triangular corner glass cabinet. The glass and aluminum construction of this sturdy and beautiful cabinet ensure its durability. This glass cabinet is very functional, easy to clean, and a great option for jewellery stores, mall kiosks, department stores, gift shops, museums, airport stores, cellular and computer part retailers. Thanks to its geometrical form and small construction, it fits nicely in all stores, no matter how small (important when you have a space issue). It is an ideal transition piece no matter the store counter configuration. It also allows an extra full view of the products on display, so your clients will be able to appreciate your merchandise from different angles. Jewellery, glasses, collectibles, beauty products are just some of the types of products that look beautiful when displayed in this case. The Triangular Corner display features a polished curved aluminum profile, sturdy, water resistant and durable, that adds a contemporary and clean look to your store. This glass cabinet also comes with 2 adjustable glass shelves, so that you can easily reconfigure the cabinet when making changes to your products on display. The easy-slide glass doors come with lock included, a feature that keeps unauthorized hands away from your merchandise. The unit comes pre-assembled, saving you the time and effort of doing it yourself. We ensure you that your display case is expertly assembled. The 6" M.D.F. black base with levelers allows you to adjust the display in order to keep it stable when the floor is uneven. You have the option of upgrading to LED lighting. This is a green option that will save you money on bulb replacement and electric cost while offering the best quality illumination for your on display. The Triangular Corner display is an economical way to create a kiosk combination when combined with the CB1A Full View 48, the CB2A 2/3 View Showcase, the CB4 Cash Counter 24 and the CB6 Trophy Showcase. Or buy it to make good use of a corner space in your store.
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