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Panel Side Wall Case
Model: CB16A
Quick Facts:
Panel Side Wall Case 36" x 20" x 72" (pictured with valence but not standard feature), tempered glass top and front glass, 5 adjustable glass shelves, easy-slide front doors w/ push lock, 6" black base w/levelers. read more
Price: $575.00
Sale Price: $400.00
Color Cherry
Toll free Number: 1-877-452-7182
Panel Side Wall Case 36" x 20" x 72", also called panel sided wall cabinet or panel sidewall display. This is a very popular fixture that combines economic price with quality construction. It can be used in all kinds of retail stores, in offices, schools, department stores, optical outlets, gift shops, boutiques and any place of business with an empty wall that can be upgraded to a selling spot. Glasses, information panels, awards, watches, clothes, collector's items, are just a few examples of articles that can be displayed. The picture shows the unit with an optional valence for concealed lighting. The standard CB16 Panel Side Wall Showcase comes with a tempered glass top allowing light to stream in from above to illuminate your merchandise on display. The panel side wall cabinet comes with a glass top and 5 glass shelves that can be rearranged in various heights or you can remove a shelf to create even more space. This is a convenient feature to accommodate merchandise of various sizes and when introducing new display items. The outside glass is tempered, a process that makes the glass stronger than regular glass. In the unlikely event of glass breaking, it shatters in many small, harmless pieces. The construction is sturdy, durable with easy to clean melamine and glass panels. The generous dimensions and large viewing area allows you to display a complete product line with many items on each glass shelf. Loading and accessing merchandise as well as cleaning the showcase, is simple with easy-slide front doors. Plus we include a convenient push lock to keep unauthorized hands away from the objects on display. This panel side wall display comes ready to be assembled. Combine the Panel Side Wall Case with the CB15 Panel Side Extra View, CB4 Cash Counter 24, CB11A Service Counter, and the CB13 Corner Block Open for an economical, functional and beautiful kiosk. Or use it as a stand-alone piece that will transform wall space into valuable selling space. This unit is also available in a 48" option that is 48"x16"x72".
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