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Hexagonal Full Vision
Model: CB5A
Quick Facts:
Hexagonal Full Vision 20"x 20"x 12"x 38", curved anodized aluminum profile, 2 adjustable glass shelves, hinged rear door w/lock included, 6" black base w/levelers. read more
Terms:F.O.B Warehouse
Price: $570.00
Color Aluminum Profile
Black Profile (+ $25.00)
With Light LED (+ $109.00)
Toll free Number: 1-877-452-7182
Deluxe Hexagonal Full Vision Showcase 20" x 20"x 12"x 38"H, also called hexagonal glass cabinet or hexagonal display case. This glass showcase is very important when planning a store, because it fits beautifully on the corners and complements other groups of display cases; Its hexagonal design make it extremely useful for department stores, optical outlets, cellular and computer parts retailers, bike stores, auto parts stores, gift shops, boutiques and other retail stores. Beauty products, jewelry, glasses, cell phones, are products that can be displayed effectively, benefiting from the hexagonal design that allows a multiple angle views. It features a polished curved aluminum profile, sturdy and very durable, and 2 adjustable glass shelves, both very easy to clean. The specific design of this cabinet offers a full view of the merchandise on display, plus the possibility of adjusting the height of the shelves, so important when changing your product mix on display. This cabinet comes with a 6" M.D.F. black base with levelers. These can be adjusted in order to stabilize the showcase when the floor is uneven. It also comes with a laminated hinged panel door that opens wide, allowing you to comfortably load merchandise. You can upgrade the rear door to a mirror, an option that adds a high-end finish to the display while making the merchandise on display more attractive. It includes a lock that will keep unauthorized people away, ensuring the safety of the products inside the glass cabinet. The Hexagonal display case ships pre-assembled, saving you the time and effort of assembling it yourself, and you can add LED lighting to it. LED is extremely long lasting and helps you save energy while giving superior illumination to fluorescent light options. Combine this outstanding display with the CB1A Full Vision 48, the CB2A 2/3 View Showcase, the CB4 Cash Counter 24 and the CB6 Trophy Showcase, to create a very functional, modern looking kiosk that will dramatically improve the look of your store. Or use it as a stand alone piece to utilize unused selling space in a corner of your shop
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