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2/3 Vision Showcase
Model: CB2A
Quick Facts:
2/3 Vision Showcase, 48"Lx20"Dx38"H, curved anodized aluminum profile, 1x14" adjustable glass shelf, bottom storage w/doors, push locks included, 6" black base w/levelers. read more
Terms:F.O.B Warehouse
Price: $579.60
Color Aluminum Profile
Black Profile (+ $10.00)
Length 70" (+ $98.00)
Mirror Doors 48" (+ $35.00)
70" (+ $60.00)
With Lights LED (+ $109.00)
Toll free Number: 1-877-452-7182
Deluxe 2/3 View Showcase 48"Lx20"Dx38"H, also called 2/3 view glass cabinet or 2/3 view display case. This is a very popular fixture. It allows you to display merchandise in the upper two levels while storing back-up stock in the lower level, saving the time of going elsewhere when a client asks for it. This glass cabinet is essential in retail stores, department stores, optical outlets, jewellery stores, gift shops, electronics stores, cellular phone, computer parts retailers and more. This 2/3 glass cabinet features a polished curved aluminum profile, extremely durable, resistant to corrosion and water damage, and comes with 1 adjustable 14" glass shelf. Adjustable shelves are extremely convenient when you need to rearrange the cabinet dimensions for promotions or seasonal displays. The enclosed bottom storage compartment not only helps you to save space, making possible to display and storage merchandise in the same cabinet, but also speeds the sell operation time. You don't have to move away to access product, so both you and your customers will be pleased with the speed of the operation. The 6" M.D.F. black base comes with levelers that allow you to adjust your display case on an uneven floor. The easy-slide laminated panel doors, top and bottom, run smooth and easily; the doors in the top section can be upgraded to mirror doors, a stylish option that adds a professional look to your store. All rear doors include push locks, a useful feature that helps keep unauthorized personnel away from your merchandise. You can add LED lighting to the 2/3 View Showcase, an energy saving, long life illumination that adds sparkle and color to merchandise on display. The deluxe 2/3 View Showcase combined with the CB1A Full View 48, the CB5 Hexagonal Full View, the CB4 Cash Counter 24, the CB7 Tower Showcase and the CB6 Trophy Showcase, create a very functional kiosk that would enhance the look of your store.
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